Hi! My name is Davina. Thanks for stopping by my little boutique store.

You know, I remember when I was young and there were Christian stores all over that sold wonderful faith based, authentic cards, placards, posters, books, journals, jewelry…you name it! Nowadays, the card aisle (or any aisle for that matter) at the grocery store offers us some of the lamest, thinly written cards you’ve ever seen. And as such, the days of the little Christian bookstore from my childhood are somewhat passed and soon will pass away altogether with rare exception.

What I decided to do was to source and produce some of the exact same wonderful, high quality, and thoughtful products that we used to get at the Christian bookstore that is currently battling the onslaught from Amazon and other behemoth online retailers. Great trinkets, thoughtful cards, Bibles, journals, t-shirts, etc.

Additionally, I journal my prayers and thoughts about my life just about every day and I’ll be posting some of them here to encourage you should you need a little bit. Four kids, a dog, a cat, a bunny, and bird in Southern California is quite a bit to handle, but you know what - each and every one of us has quite a bit to handle. So I hope my thoughts about the Scripture and this momentary life that we live will be of use to you.

Message us if you want! Click the blue button or message us on facebook or post a comment. We always like to hear from you. And if you want to have us produce something, source something or carry something, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love!