Exodus 20:2

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.” Exodus 20:2

In my last blog article I discussed the notion of being “under the law” versus “under grace” and the question was posed in not so many words, “What is our relation to the Law of Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments, now that we are freed from sin and death?”

As was mentioned before, the context of the giving of the Law of Moses was grace. In the giving of the law, God himself states the foundation and context of it’s giving: freedom from sin and slavery. He had emancipated the Israelites from Egypt and proceeded to give them a clear understanding and direction as to how they might fulfill the reason for which they were saved.

So, if we take the metaphor and type and shadow to it’s conclusion, we are saved by Christ at the cross from the bondage and slavery to sin, which is Egypt, that we might serve and obey and enjoy God without fear of death.

Okay, but one wrinkle. Paul clearly says that we aren’t under the old covenant anymore. What he is saying is that we are no longer under the stewardship of types and shadows and mysterious sacrifices and temple worship. That has all passed away and now we see clearly the purpose for which those were instituted by God: that they might point us to Christ and prepare us to receive Him as Lord and Savior.

Lastly, the book of Galatians is written entirely about these groups of people that were roving about compelling people to receive circumcision to be saved. Here’s the point: to these people, the Law was a mediator that made people right with God. They had to obey the Law in order to be right with God. Think of it this way: the law was the thing that stood between man and God, bringing peace between them. This was completely wrong! The Law actually pointed to the need for some else to stand between man and God and bring peace; justification.
It’s complicated.

Meditate on this concept: there is a the meditator and the guide. The mediator is the one that brings peace and the guide is the map for those who have been given peace, and, as God says, been rescued from sin and death and the bondage of slavery in Egypt.

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January 29 18

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