Psalm 1

I simply love Psalm 1. It summarizes God’s instruction into a symmetrical, tight knit package, disclosing the heart of God for both his people as well as the world, namely, those who reject his counsel and refuse his wisdom.

First off, the Psalm beautifully frames the entire Scripture. The word of God is first and foremost instruction. (Check out 2 Timothy 3:15) Notice the first stanza - where the psalmist juxtaposes the two paths of instruction, teaching and counsel. The are two paths; two sources of instruction.

Secondly, the psalm captures the earthly result of walking upon both these paths and drinking of the instruction of along the way. Notice God’s promise through the psalmist - one is the fruitful tree that finds it’s roots deep in the varied and rich streams of His word. Quite differently, the ungodly find no relief from the onslaught of life, and are left parched and dry, like the husk or chaff, sadly driven away.

Lastly, Psalm 1 tells of the final repose of those who follow these two paths. The Lord, not desiring that any should perish apart from knowing Him, hearkens back to the first stanza and completes the beautiful circle of the first Psalm. He describes the type of person who He knows. The Psalmist is careful not to mince words - the wicked will surely not stand when the righteous of gathered together in the last day. But the Psalmist is also careful to note that the grounds of participation in that congregation of the righteous is not perfection, but rather walking along it, stanza 1 and 2, drinking of Christ, receiving of his word and bearing fruit.

For meditation: Read the Psalm and take note of the various roles of each element of the Psalm. Read it each time, meditating on it sumptuously. Note the thread of each element as it moves through the stanzas.

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December 17 17

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